is a privately owned multi family office, serving the financial needs of high net worth investors around the globe.

Established in 2014, Rose Wealth Management is a privately owned multi family office, serving the financial needs of high net worth investors around the globe.

With its head office in Johannesburg, South Africa, the company offers its investor base with worldwide availability and core expertise in innovative technology investments.

In order to offer diversification for our clients' portfolios, we partake in global partnerships and support entrepreneurial startups in a wide variety of fields, ranging from biotechnology, IT and communications to renewable energy, biomed and smart cities.

As part of our entrepreneurial spirit and environmental agenda, we are always looking for investment opportunities in innovative fields across emergent markets, where the yield margins are higher.

Among our exclusive wealth management tools, which we tailor to meet our clients' ever-changing needs, are capital assessment, portfolio planning, asset allocation, financial education solutions, investment banking services, accounting services, tax consulting, lifestyle planning, family governance consulting, risk management consulting, succession planning and charity modeling.


Our Focus:
Innovative technologies and startups

We center our investments in advanced technologies and groundbreaking startups, which we consider as innovative high yield assets, especially in emergent markets.

We are constantly looking for unique investment opportunities across the fields of biotechnology, IT, communications, renewable energy, biomed and smart cities, which combine entrepreneurial ideas with high yield business potential.

Our People:
Hands-On Professionalism

Our professional investment advisors share decades of hands-on experience in the wealth management field.

Developing their own investment strategies and decision-making tools, our team supports clients' efforts to preserve and further grow their capital for the benefit of future generations.

In addition to their top-notch professionalism, you will find that our employees are completely committed to our company's values of integrity, transparency and quality, which ensures that your financial future is in safe hands.

Our Competitive Edge:
Growing Your Capital

Unique risk control strategy and a wide selection of investment options.

Highly experienced team of wealth management professionals

Global web of connections across global financial markets

Tailor made and diversified solutions to meet clients' diverse needs

Independent company that manages its own investments

Exclusive strategy and impartial decision-making models

Strict adherence to ethics and absolute focus on the client

Long lasting relationship with our clients across continents andgenerations


Rose Wealth Management offers diversified investment solutions for bold clients, taking advantage of the company's access to innovative joint ventures and startups around the world.

Our comprehensive set of wealth management consulting solutions include:

• Capital assessment

• Investment policy and strategy

• Portfolio planning and management

• Asset allocation

• Financial education solutions

• Investment banking services

• Accounting services

• Tax consulting

• Lifestyle planning

• Family governance consulting

• Risk management consulting

• Succession planning

• Charity and donation modeling